Pierluigi Bernardini

Professional English / French / Italian Translator



In an increasingly global world, a large-scale dissemination of culture, an increase in the handling of goods and people and market internationalisation have led to more and more business relationships between one country and another as well as to an always more urgent need of reliable and professional linguistic services. What is a professional translation exactly? Discover the skills of a professional translator.

Education and experience

In response to this need, I offer my preparation and experience to resolve your issues while being committed to providing linguistic services that can satisfy your needs in a timely manner.

Quality? This is really important

The Italian translation doesn't sound how it should? Are you fed up with translations that do not live up to your expectations? Are you seeking a quality product? The solution is now just a click away.

I offer...

Thanks to my strong background and a big passion for foreign languages and this field of work, I offer high quality linguistic services that are carried out with devotion, precision and in a timely manner.

Is it the first time you purchase professional translation services? If the answer is yes, you may want to consult the Translation: Getting it Right written by Chris Durban and published by ATA (American Translators Association): http://www.atanet.org/publications/Getting_it_right.pdf