Pierluigi Bernardini

Professional English / French / Italian Translator



Direct communication with a freelance professional translator will give you a chance to receive a service that best fits your specific needs at a more convenient rate, in addition to offering you a more authentic and transparent business relationship.



The rates vary depending on several factors such as the type of service required, the type of text, the urgency, the format and the amount of work.

They are based on a folder basis and one folder is equivalent to 1500 characters, including spaces. This is the basic unit that is generally applied in Italy for technical translations. It is equivalent to a text of 25 lines with 60 characters per line.

For editorial texts, the rate is based on a folder of 1800 or, more frequently, 2000 characters.

Upon request, I can apply a per word rate.

For editing and revision services, the rates will depend on the quality of the translation or of the Italian text that has to be edited. This rate can vary from a minimum of 30% up to 70% of the price of a translation.


In case of long translations, an initial down payment will be required and/or various instalments may be discussed.

I send a regular invoice at the end of a project or at the end of the month if I have worked on several projects over the same month. Payment must be made within 30 days after the invoice date.

I accept payments by bank transfer or Paypal.



In case of any complaints or negative comments regarding a service provided, the customer will have to send a written communication within and no later than 8 days from the time the service has been delivered.

Complete references regarding the work conditions:

Editorial translations: http://www.aiti.org/professione/condizioni-di-incarico/traduttori-leditoria

Technical translations (non-editorial): http://www.aiti.org/professione/condizioni-di-incarico/traduttori-tecnico-scientifici