Pierluigi Bernardini

Professional English / French / Italian Translator




English > Italian

French > Italian

Italian > Italian

Italian > English (via native English speaking colleagues)

Italian > French (via native French speaking colleagues)




Transposition of a text from a language to another while respecting a content and style that will be appropriate for the specific context and field and while taking into account all the linguistic and cultural particularities as well as while adopting a functional translation strategy depending on the text and all in an Italian that flows.


Translation of advertising and promotional texts, where the cultural peculiarities at stake are even more important, by adapting more than translating or, more often, by recreating the text from scratch in order to achieve what the final customer is seeking.


Checking and correcting a translation made by thirds and by comparing it to the source text: it is about checking to make sure the text was translated correctly in terms of style, contents and terminology. A grammatical and editorial check is also carried out.


All the changes needed to improve an Italian text in terms of grammar, syntactics, style and writing. Certain words may be cut out or entire sentences, periods, paragraphs may be moved or the text may be re-elaborated to make sure it flows.

Writing (copywriting)

Producing a text in Italian from scratch and in accordance with the specifications provided by the customer, such as topic, context, style, number of words and, in case of websites, the keywords needed for the search engines.

Draft corrections

Checking a draft ready for printing (generally in the publishing field) to identify typos and to make sure all the editorial guidelines were used, including spaces, margins and images (layout). This is usually done on paper, although it can be done directly from the monitor.

Reading and book information sheets

A linguistic service for publishers that consists in reading a potentially publishable book to identify the essential characteristics and to draft an appropriate sheet with all the information needed.



Tourism, culture, art, cuisine.
Tourist guides, brochures, booklets and hotel descriptions, websites, press releases, hotel presentations, recipes and restaurant menus.  

Journalism, publishing, children books.
Articles, press releases, magazines, books (non-fiction: tourism, travel, music, cinema, popular science, health and wellness, psychology, paranormal events; fiction: general, detective stories, noir fiction, thrillers, science fiction).

Sports, physical education, leisure.
Studies, research, journal articles, websites of sports products and equipment.

Music (general, artists, genres, musical instruments, equipment and installations), cinema and theatre.
Musical applications, features of musical instruments; technical specifications and manuals for workstations, synthesizers, digital pianos and arrangers; brochures, articles, essays and librettos.

Marketing, advertising, e-commerce, internet.
Website contents for institutions, associations, businesses, schools and professionals; press releases, brochures, presentations, labels and technical product specifications, advertising slogans, promotional material.

Sales and Management Area.
Business organisation, quality management, business correspondence, project descriptions, work plans and management procedures.

General texts
Private correspondence, biographies, curriculum vitae.

Education/training, linguistics, the theory of translations and language learning.
Study exchange program websites (exams and language courses, certifications and quality management, student testimonials), corporate training, applications to learn languages, neuro-psycholinguistic studies.

Social sciences, sociology, psychology, human resources.
Studies, reports, surveys.

Scientific area: medicine, ecology and the environment, natural sciences, biological sciences, geography, earth sciences.
Research, studies, scientific articles, brochures.

Technical area: information technology, multimedia industry, consumer electronics, industrial.
Guides and user manuals, instruction manuals, brochures and technical specifications of products.

In case of inquiries on translations into my "passive" languages (Italian > English, Italian > French), projects of a certain size or urgency that cannot be managed by a single professional, or of projects that are outside of my area of expertise, I can count on a network of colleagues with a proven track record.